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Our company is home to people who have a strong sense of team spirit
Being part of MAASI is not having a mundane job: it's living in a family that enjoys achieving success. That means going thru both rough and s mooth times.

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We are looking for Big Dreamers and Hard Workers

We like to think of MAASI as a dynamic organisation able to reach goals through hard work and dedication.

A team that is able to adapt itself to the moment and deliver results.

Our team is our most powerful business card

MAASI is a container of skills, initiatives and proactiveness of the individual members of its team.

By crossing and comparing information, experience and knowledge, combining ingenuity and foresight, we are not only able to identify issues but above all foresee problems as they arise and deliver answers by proposing the optimum solutions to the situation at hand.

Let’s do it better,
let’s do it together

We are looking for people who love challenges and who are ready to strive to improve and mature their professional and personal paths. We value and merit curiosity, initiative, common sense and the ability to work in a team.

Only by working together can we overcome our limits and open up new areas of opportunity both for us and for the companies we work for.

What do we offer?

At MAASI we invest in the   professional development  of our team: in addition to guidelines and coaching, documentation and training, we provide the tools to help you face the daily tasks also independently.  

With us, you will find a   serene and stimulating work environment,  which allows for the exchange of information and mutual support.  
Our goal is to enable you to reach your full potential to improve and evolve both professionally and personally.  

We place importance on the   development of your professional career  according to your aptitudes and also support you in your private life through a   dynamic corporate welfare program.

If you think you can give us your best and want to join our team,
you can start your adventure by starting from the professional paths available.

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Our Job Offers

Join us and help disrupt the enterprise market!

Join us, we offer you an extraordinary chance to learn, to develop and to be part of an exciting experience and team.

Jr. IOT Field Support Specialist, Life Science (Italy)

<p>Siamo alla ricerca di nuovi colleghi per il nostro Team di Supporto specialistico per sistemi IOT in area life-science (Information and Operation Technology) in Italia. Il candidato o la candidata ideale è appassionato/a di tecnologia e ...

via Fiorentina, 153, Siena SI 53100, Italy
01/02/2024 03:32:08

Jr. Technical Project Manager, Life-science, Siena

<p>Al fine di espandere il nostro team di Project Manager ricerchiamo una figura di Junior Project Manager da inserire nella sede operativa di Siena.. Hai un approccio proattivo e orientato al raggiungimento dei risultati? Possiedi ottime capacità ...

via Fiorentina, 153, Siena SI 53100, Italy
01/02/2024 03:31:54

Senior IT/OT System Integrator

MAASI Enterprises, azienda leader nella consulenza per il settore Life Science, sta cercando un Senior System Integrator da inserire all’interno di un team consolidato.

via Fiorentina, 153, Siena SI 53100, Italy
19/12/2023 08:49:30

Junior IT/OT System Integrator

<p>Entra a far parte del nostro team come Junior System Integrator presso la nostra sede principale a Siena. Un ruolo dinamico che offre un ambiente di lavoro stimolante e la possibilità di crescere professionalmente in ...

via Fiorentina, 153, Siena SI 53100, Italy
02/05/2024 11:08:10

Internship Infrastructure & System Integration

2 open positions

MAASI Enterprises è alla ricerca di laureande/i (o studentesse/studenti con un limitato numero di esami da sostenere) e neolaureate/i disponibili a effettuare un tirocinio non curriculare nell'area di Infrastructure e System Integration

via Fiorentina, 153, Siena SI 53100, Italy
20/03/2024 12:56:38