MAASI Enterprises 

is a joint venture of highly-skilled and qualified European tech advisory and consultancy businesses. 
We are based in the United Kingdom and in Italy. 


MAASI Enterprises aims at being the most consistent Business and Technical Advisor and Consulting partner for highly regulated industries there is around.  

Highly regulated industries include:
life-science (pharma, biotech, medical devices, large private healthcare providers, API producers, complex R&D plants), food & beverage, aerospace, oil&gas, fintech.


We strive to achieve success in our project delivery by mastering skills in the subject matter while at the same time promote organisational perfection.

A lot of effort and passion goes into everything we do.

Areas of competence include:
subject-matter process engineering, IT and OT engineering, program and project management, quality assurance and control.

Our specialists team delivers state-of-the-art technical 
and organisational Consulting services to Highly Regulated Enterprises such as Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Biotechnology industries

Our Origins

Our origins go back to 2008 when three skilled advisors in complementary technology fields met up and decided to found their own firm. It was June 2008, in Venice (Italy), and the company was named Massimi Sistemi after the universally known work from Galileo Galilei.

Our core intent was – and still is – to  put together competence, cleverness, expertise and rationality to turn real-world problems into opportunities, by means of a pervasive scientific approach.

The company grew smoothly but continuously by offering technical advisory and consulting services to very large pharmaceuticals and biotech multinationals across Europe.

In 2016 we designed and deposited a brand new and proprietary service delivery model: CompetenceCloud®.

One year later our first UK branch was incorporated in England and a Group name was adopted: MAASI Enterprises.

Between 2016 and 2020 our organisation evolves and our teams and competencies expand.

In June 2023, MAASI Enterprises has been found to conform to the Quality Management System standard ISO 9001:2015.

Today we are able to deliver a wide range of technical and management services for the life-science industry worldwide.

Since 2008 our experts accompany highly regulated businesses towards effective innovation and the appropriate and accountable technological evolution.

From the dawn of automation 
to the technology of tomorrow


MAASI Enterprises S.r.l.

Working Capital € 10,000.00
VAT Number  IT-02381350509
Company Reg. PI-202870


Registered Office

via Agostino Bassi 5 - 56121 Pisa - Italy

via Fiorentina 153 - 53100 Siena - Italy

We provide references privately, upon request.

Our Customers are large multinationals in highly regulated industries. 

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