Who we are

Gruppo MAASI is a network of information-centric businesses that operates globally on regulated markets such as Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Finance&Banking, Oil&Gas and Healthcare.

Gruppo MAASI selects and redefines innovating technologies and methodologies bringing an ever-growing value to its Business Partner.

What we do

Consultancy, Services and competitive Solutions for Large Enterprises that operate in regulated market segments, such as:

Farmaceutico, Chimico, Oil&Gas, Bancario e Finanziario, Alimentare

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Applications Infrastructure

High value added solutions for Medium and Large Enterprises that invest in the future.

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Communication Business Management Technical Services

Technical Advisory Custom Software

Innovation Lab Internet of Things

Our Customers

5 Fortune 500 Customers, 0 lost Customers.

Thanks to MAASI and the yIMS™ approach our enterprise has been modernized within 4 months. Our business processes are now much more fast and smooth and our Customers satisfied!

Antonio S., CEO

By adopting CompetenceCloud™ services we cut IT costs, saving more than 2M euro per year!

Just.. amazing!

Maurice G., CIO

"I'm a Pharmaceutical Enterprise CIO, how can you help me?"

Problems you are every day facing with are well-known by us. Keeping a strict regulatory compliance IT service is a stressful and complex job.

For that reason we have invested 5 years in researching and creating a variant of the ITIL and Xtreme Programming methodologies, something that we called CompetenceCloud™ and yIMS™ respectively. Thanks to these innovative approcheas we can bring an improved flexibility, reliability and efficiency to all IT processes while being in total compliance to the internal Quality Assurance policies, to EMA, FDA or local regulations and to the GxP Best Practices for Computerized Systems.

The MAASI specialists Teams solve problems in the most efficent, effective, flexible and controlled way.

"We are ok with our current IT provider, so why to consider changing to MAASI?"

Our scope is to identify problems and to support our Partners in their resolution. We focus on the best solution from the Partner perspective, also supporting your current suppliers!

We always propose to run an initial assessment, in order to identify the hidden risks, potential savings, chances of processes and systems optimization and improvement. Our job consists in supporting CIOs e CTOs, letting them choose by providing instant access to a surprising wide professional know-how.

The change is a decision you should take under a complete understanding of risks and chances. Our mission is to provide you with the information and tools you need to better decide about your Business.

"Our systems have been installed by the internal IT Team, which is absolutely able to handle any Corporate inquiry."

Every Enterprise is special and different from the other: here resides most of its value. In order to better express it, not only you should be able to correctly manage your potential: it will also be decisive to understand what happens out of your field of vision.

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