IT System Engineer (Freelance)


MAASI Enterprises is seeking an IT System Engineer skilled in ITOT systems within the pharmaceutical sector to join a major project at a company based in Toulouse. The candidate will be responsible for engineering the OS golden images to be deployed on standard client PCs for laboratory and ICS environments.

They will be tasked with creating and customising the images while ensuring compliance with industry standards and security requirements. Additionally, they will provide support during validation testing and manage comprehensive documentation.

Minimum Seniority
Quality Assurance

Position details

  • Main location: Toulouse, France (on site).  
  • Employment type: Freelance (for EU or UK residents only).
  • Hours of work: Monday to Friday, Full Time.
  • Salary: Depending on the actual experience achieved.

Project duties

    • Creation and Customisation of Standard Client Images:

    • Engineer standard golden images for both laboratory and ICS-environment use, deployed via bootable media, Distribution points, network PXE and Microsoft Infrastructure technologies. 

    • Ensure engineering enables patching capabilities as per life science industry standards. 

    • Design, develop and maintain standard images for the operating system used by the company.

    • Customise images in 3 different flavours (shopfloor, LAB, OT) to meet specific needs of different business departments and destination use, including pre-installed software and personalised settings.

    • Ensure the images are well-scripted, optimised, and ready-for-production.

    • Images Configuration Management:

    • Collaborate with domain administrators and internal customer functions to define an effective baseline configuration, encompassing default users, security groups, and access policies.

    • Maintain an accurate and effective inventory of different image versions, ensuring alignment with company standards.

    • Image Testing and Validation

    • Cooperate with validation specialists to achieve an effective and automated validation process during client deployment.

    • Conduct integrity and functionality tests on standard images before distribution.

    • Work with the Quality Control specialists to develop an IQ/OQ protocol for both preparation phase (IQ) and deployment phase (OQ) to ensure a seamless validation and error-free images environment that adheres to the specifications.

    • Documentation

    • Create and maintain comprehensive documentation detailing installation and configuration procedures, as well as maintenance and refresh operations conducted for client images preparation.

    • Provide training to IT staff to ensure proper understanding and effective deployment of the documentation.

Essential requirements

    • At least three years experience in a pharmaceutical company.

    • Proficiency in English

    • Demonstrated experience (one or more years) in creating tools such as Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT), Windows Deployment Services (WDS) or System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM).

    • Proficiency (one or more years) using Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (Windows ADK).

    • One or more years experience in image creation, updating, and deployment.

    • One or more years of experience using standard image support tools (e.g.,: Microsoft, Flexera, Adaptiva, DameWare, Altiris eXpress Deployment Solution, Veeam).

    • Scripting capabilities to automate creation and customization process (PowerShell, batch, vb script, others).

    • Knowledge of image management best practices, including drivers, security patches, and network configurations.

    • Understanding of security implications related to standard client images.

    • Ability to implement security policies, encryption, and access restrictions to images.

    • Ability to diagnose and resolve issues related to client images.

    • Experience in resolving software or driver conflicts within images.

    • Familiarity with international guidelines on validation of computerised systems and data integrity.

    • Strong communication skills to collaborate effectively with end-users, developers, and system administrators.

    • Ability to work collaboratively and flexibly in a team environment.

What We Offer

  • Freelance contract for the duration of the project
  • Expenses for stay and meals (when applicable)

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