FDA CFR21/11

yIMS ™ Pharma implements  strong electronic verification and auditing algorithms


yIMS ™ Pharma supports the best quality assurance practices that meet the  updated GxP requirements


yIMS ™ Pharma meets the Data Privacy and Security requirements for   hospital and clinical care


yIMS ™ Pharma allows full compliance with US Sarbanes-Oxley financial requirements  


Security by Design Is one of the distinguishing features of yIMS ™ Pharma-based systems

ISO 27001

yIMS™ Pharma simplifies and automates the risk management  in the pharmaceutical industry

Reduce human error impact

Today Business processes are closely dependent on the applications that implement them, often having to deal with limitationsi in data exchange and controls. Where the  human factor it's the only element of communication between two applications, the  error margin grow esponentially

YIMS ™ aims to bridge the gap between computerized processes, guaranteeing maximum production efficiency and  minimizing the risk of human error.

At the same time, yIMS™ Pharma natively implements the sector Best Practices helping pharmaceutical industries to meet the internal quality requirements enforced by  the current regulations.

Use cases

yIMS™ Pharma 4.0 Application System

Lab Information Management System

YIMS ™ Pharma Application System can handle raw and processed data obtained from interconnected, semi-automated or manual input lab systems.

The yIMS ™ Pharma Application System allow you to deploy, elaborate and manage data processing procedures on existing business processes, reducing operational, training, and documental impact.

Manufacturing Intelligence

YIMS ™ Pharma Application System integrates existing MES and Automation systems, collects data from multiple sources, and extracts decision-making information in order to reduce risks and shorten response times.

yIMS ™ also allows you to deliver processed data to various Customers in a personalized and multichannel way, through App and Ad-hoc dashboards.

Custom Business Process Management

The yIMS ™ Pharma Application System can complement the functionality of the various systems present in the company, by computerizing and / or automating those processes that are left manual and unmanaged by other applications.

yIMS ™ Pharma Application System brings regulatory compliance and implementation of the Best Practices even in obsolete and sensitive processes.

What is an Application System?

YIMS ™ is not an application, it is a structured set of IT components specifically designed to reduce risk and ensure a safe and stable operating environment for different applications.

Each Application lives in the yIMS ™ environment, inheriting features, requirements, data, and controls from it. For example, multiple yIMS ™ applications running in the same environment can exchange data and features, allow secure and transparent access for users through internal security protocols, encrypt information with one standard, optimize processes by appearing to the user as a unique, perfectly integrated application.

What is yIMS?

yIMS ™ Pharma is a specific derivation of yIMS ™, from which inherits the architecture, modularity, and all functional features.

The yIMS ™ mission is to reach maximum levels of optimization and reliability and to define new quality standards for software solutions.

yIMS™ is:

  • a philosophical approach to business processes that aims at operational excellence

  • an optimized and scalable software development methodology
  • a multi-platform framework for all-data management
  • a complete service that ensures maximum return on value

yIMS ™ can deploy and customize computerized functions for all business processes, integrating without hassle into existing technology systems and infrastructures.

Our warranties

yIMS™ Pharma Application System

Compliance Regulations

Fulfillment to the major and most stringent regulatory requirements applied in Europe, the Americas and Japan.

Data Security and Integrity

Security-by-Design and risk-based approach to information management: security, traceability and integrity

Mobile Platforms Support

Web-based architecture for distributed use with any business device.


Scientific approach, specialist support and risk management: we don’t take chances.

Best Practices

Get access to industry guidelines and international standards effortlessly


Simplified and intuitive use that doesn't require specific computer skills

Data Availability

Make informations flow between departments for a efficient and secure collaboration

System Uptime

Our self-tuning and self-healing technology enhances performance and prevents downtimes

Reporting Dashboard

Custom information dashboards for an effective and immediate decision support

A customized business licensing model

Our licensing and delivery model is simple and functional: it is based on a core license dimensioned on the number of enterprise users or Enterprise Agreement, and on an increase for each specific application module (eg Access Control, Electronic Data Interchange, HSE Enforcement , Etc).

Complete support always included

Any customization is quoted after a free pre-analysis and includes extensive support, both technical and functional
The licensing model is per-year or three-year subscription and always includes full technical and functional support, including customizations!

yIMS™ integrates and adapts to your business, not the other way around!

yIMS™ Pharma Application System is available to meet your specific needs and business standards, with a wide range of customization options:

  • Private cloud with high availability and security standards
  • Remote-managed in-house plug-and-play appliance (physical or virtual)
  • Can be installed on major hardware architectures

Pre-analysis always free of charge

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