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Automating, semplifying and computerizing corporates Business Processes.

Your Business Processes, your strenght.We analyze them to help your Company in increasing its profitability.

Standard software frustrates your Business?We tailor software solutions to your Business needs.

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Obsolete software? We will modernize it while making it user-friendly, stable, clientless and effective.

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Being invaded by spreadsheets?
We will transform them into smart, modular and controlled Applications.

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and more than 3,500,000 code lines written

MAASI's yIMS™ Business Unit has been officialized in february 2014 as the evolution of the  “Web Application Development” team, putting our super-Agile approach to the functional/enterprise applications world at the service of our Customers.

yIMS™ is composed of a software development methodology + an open-source application platform ( yIMS™ Framework). yIMS™ is an evolution of the x-IMS platform project, initially developed to provide an Internet-of-Things application layer to a Brain-Computer-Interface system created in cooperation with the University of Siena, Liquidweb, Micromecc and Humanot within the European program POR-CREO 2007-2013.

What makes yIMS™ so special is its extraordinary ability to fit into any Business requirement, bringing simplicity and effectiveness to every solution:

  • the yIMS™ in-dept analysis aims to identify and describe all key information related to the Customer Business processes, leaving nothing out of the functional procesess documentation (our analysis reports are being used by Customers as Process Manuals)

  • the super-Agile approach, from solution design through software development to the solution delivery, allows extremely rapid and precise execution, over-the-top quality results and the use of innovating technologies

  • new yIMS™ software modules are every week created and added to the Framework, making of YIMS™ the next-generation most scalable and efficient software platform

  • new technologies are continuously evaluated and integrated into new yIMS™ components, driving the yIMS™ Framework beyond the final frontier of software development

  • ZeroTraining, ZeroTrouble and ZeroLimit applications can be easily obtained thanks to a continouous self-improvement method, to our obsession for security and debugging and to an advanced interfaces usability approach

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