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A hidden danger between the cells

The uncontrolled use of the spreadsheet is one of the main risks of IT security for businesses. Not only that, often spreadsheets are used to export information from controlled systems outside the business perimeter, making the information almost public. It is not a secret that over 63% of cases of loss and escape of information occur through the uncontrolled spread of the spreadsheets.

Thanks to yIMS ™ technology, MAASI is able to transform spreadsheets into web-based systems (no programs to install on your PC), to make them stable and reliable, to integrate or adapt to new business needs and secure data and informations.

Continue reading to find out what risks the uncontrolled use of spreadsheets exposes your business to, and how easy it can be to avoid it!

The Risks

of an excessive spread of spreadsheets

The Certainties

of the uncontrolled use of the spreadsheets

Data loss

the loss of informations is more likely on older systems because of the use of old back-up methods

Information leaks

over 88% of computer attacks hit obsolete systems, as they are more exposed to security vulnerabilities

No flexibility

companies change, so the inability to make software changes can make programs unnecessary

Law irregularity

older software aren't prepared for the new national and international standards

High maintenance costs

an obsolete system requires continuos maintenance by qualified personnel and requires dedicated resources

Lack of technical support

Technical support for obsolete software inevitably tends to shrink and the cost to increase

Poor performance

Long waiting times and low performance lead to considerable waste of time, reducing productivity

Poor usability

Older programs are often complex and require more time and effort from users

The right balance

Investing continuously in technological renewal or maximizing asset utilization? The answer is obvious, but almost never applied: seeking the right equilibrium always bring rewards.

How the use of over-dated software and systems can be damaging to a company's economy is a fact, but equally damaging may be investing continuously in unnecessary resources for improving business processes.

That's why our work starts from way before: we analyze business processes that should benefit from IT support and identify critical issues and areas of intervention.When a well-made analysis is done, software modernization is just one step ahead and can focus on the increasingly important aspects of modern business:

  • simple and immediate
  • Stability and ability to automatically solve problems
  • Performance control and monitoring ot the hardware resources used
  • Scalability and flexibility to cope with the changes the Company will meet.

How do we solve the problem?

Listening to Customer, Analyzing All Informations, Proposing More Solutions


The secret of our success lies in the quality of our analysis. The yIMS ™ Functional Analysis is a complete and complex process that leads our analysts to have a deep knowledge of your processes and the needs of your company. The Analysis Document we issue to the Customer is not a technical report that justifies the economic proposal, it is a very detailed Manual of Processes and Criticalities detected.
Several of our customers use our Analysis Documents to teach to the new business employees, the processes they will be involved in.
Starting from a Document of Analysis, the Customer has the chance to operate independently and is not obliged to choose our solution.


Thanks to the yIMS ™ methodology and the power of its development platform, we are able to offer extremely flexible, innovative, stable and secure solutions. Also, time and costs are contained thanks to the innovative methodology. Find out more on yIMS™.


yIMS ™ recover much of the source code from already completed and tested projects (up to 85%), reducing costs and execution times


yIMS ™ is free from commercial and political constraints and supports any open platform or technology. yIMS ™ solutions are multi-platform by nature.

Modularity and flexibility

yIMS™ is 100% modular and flexible, starting from it's architecture. Thanks to this approach yIMS™ is ALWAYS upgradeable and scalable.

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