Protect sensible data and processes in regulated sectors

Knowledge, security by-design, analisys, monitoring, continuous improvement and state-of-the-art technology

IT Risk Management

Risk management it's a cycle that maintain your business. We support you in every phase, from analisys, mitigation and risk control

Information Security

We're honest: no system it's really safe
We support you in managing the best cost / benefit / potential loss ratio

Risk Assessment

We identify and evaluate  risks impact bounded to processes, people and systems in your business. We follow the National Framework of Cybersecurity, NIST CsF 1.1 and ISO 27005 standards

Risk Treatment

We study the best  risk mitigation solutions and define the contingency plans, supporting both implementation and maintenance

Business Continuity &
Disaster Recovery

We define  business continuity  and disaster recovery plans, also supporting testing, revision and maintenance phases

Vulnerability Assessment &
Penetration Testing

We identify and resolve vulnerabilities and also run attack tests to put your systems and people under test

Advisory & Training

One of the main vulnerabilities it's the human being: aimed consultancy and an appropriate knowledge can  protect  way more than an advanced defense system

GDPR & Data Protection Office

We provide advice on the new Personal Data Protection Act (GDPR).
We also offer an outsourced  Data Protection Office  


We help you to adeguate to the best practices and sector standards, to reach the operative excellence and to comply with the reference legislation

Data Integrity

A corrupt data can put a large company on its knees. We support you in ensuring integrity and availability of the data

Sensitive Data Identification

We locate and  classify sensitive data  for the different policies and regulatory requirements

Quality by design

We design, integrate and support computer systems that meet  regulatory and quality assurance requirements.

Validation of applications and systems

We provide consultancy in Computerized Systems Validation and Infrastructure Qualification IT.

Data classification systems

We implement and manage automated and simplified  information classification systems.

Data Protection Mechanisms

We implement and manage systems and methods of protecting  information integrity  across different business areas from Research and Development to Production.

Identity Management

We create procedures and  access control systems (physical and to informations) and auditing systems.

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