Data Rover™ Solutions

We are proud to be a leading value-added reseller of the World's best data governance solution.


A PROBE into your file servers...

Data Rover™  is a structured product designed to make it easy for you to:

  • analyze your file servers and shared file systems
  • check and track file system permissions
  • gain valuable knowledge on your business critical servers and data
  • comply all points of your company User Data Storage Policy
  • fight against "dark data" sprawling on your file systems
  • give to your users a tool to enforce the User Data Storage Policy

...UNDERSTAND what data you have

Data Rover™  automates and actively makes the process of security analysis and permission reporting. It provides a scalable and cost-effective way of managing network data resources across the organization.

Data Rover™ creates a suitable collaborative environment which allows consciousness to the Corporation and its employees, provides a channel of communication and facilitates the implementation of the User Data Storage Policy, making the information stored would be relevant to the business.

Effective Permissions

Immediately get real Effective Permissions on File and Folders

Your Data at a Glance

Get an outlook on your corporate data and fight against dark data

User Data Control

Let users consult their corporate network resources state