Identify, control, and manage your business data with Data Rover ™

Making important decisions in business management and personal data is only possible by providing accurate and detailed information

Data Rover™ is the solution for managing and secure user-generated data on any File System.

With  Data Rover™ we give you state-of-the-art technology to explore unchartered data territories.

Data Rover™ is your vehicle to help you uncover the junk and examine valuable, and probably delicate, data information on your “Planet”, or in the Cloud!  With this knowledge and our expertise you have the power to decide and do..

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Probe the content of the data and their security

Data Rover™ fills the gap between users and content management, data and infrastructure security. A powerful and dynamic solution for your business

Data Rover​™ it's your vehicle for:

  • Understand what data you have, where it is and who and when you have access to such data...

  • Apply intelligent and advanced data management rules...

  • Check the data generated by users...

  • Obtain regulatory compliance...

  • Help to promote a "least privilege" security model...

  • Discover and correct unsafe rules on file access...

  • Trace, identify and prevent data leakage and any abnormal users behavior...

  • Monitor data that you allow in your business...

  • Distinguish data types based on legal compliance, governance, age, redundancy...

  • Bring light to the dark areas of your business data and act...

  • that you can feel proud of your enterprise and your work!

Q. Why do we need to get rid of the Dark Data...?

A. Because not only they lead to a serious threat to your business, but are also a  waste for your infrastructure!

Auditing tools allow you to react, not to prevent!

Data Rover it's more than an auditing tool. Auditing tells you what was done and when, but at that point it's too late!

The bad guy has run off with the crown jewels and you find out about it only after the fact was done.

You need  Data Rover™ first, to prevent such a thing before it happens.

Data Rover™ calculates all ACL levels and tells you what are the real Effective Permissions that a file or folder got. Simply there is no other way to get this information unless you use our solution.

How does it work?

Through  Data Analytics you have the power to know everything about your business data: Easily find the real effective permissions of your files and business folders, quickly identify inappropriate access rights and determine the data owner 

Look for duplicated data and wrong file extensions thanks to the fail-proof inspection header-based and content-based of  Data Rover™. Take advantage of the Time-Shift technology integrated in Data Rover™ to roll back to any past changes simply picking a date.

Analyzing and understanding the behavior of business users is vital

Data Rover™ allows IT administrators to be a step ahead from obsolete and inefficient methods, by using intelligent and advanced storage management rules, tailored to companies of any size, even in multiple domain environments 

Data Rover™ allow you to understand what kind of data your users have saved between your business files. Furthermore, Data Rover™ bind this knownledge with the role of the user in the organization, allowing to give the right information to the right user

Consequently, this exhorts the user to gain self-control in accordance with your company rules

  • Dark Data identification

  • Customizable Rules for Corporate Storage, based on:

              ○ Duplicate Files, header-based

              ○ Unused or unusable files

              ○ Old files

              ○ Forbidden file types, mime/header based

  • Data screening

  • Charge-back

  • End-user self-service area


Data Rover™ is customizable to your needs

Configure the system, manage information acquisition, and fine-tune the monitored data anlysis criteria:  Data Rover™ allows you to configure every single parameter according to your business information needs, all in a simple and fast way from the centralized, web-based console. You choose what's good and what's wrong with your business, Data Rover™ search, analyze and control for you 

Key Data Rover™ security features

Data Rover™ is a structured system tool designed to make you simply:

      ● Analyze your shared file servers and filesystems

      ● Control and trace your file system permissions

      ● Store valuable infromations about your servers and critical business data

Data Rover™ calculates all ACL levels and tells you, in an easy and intuitive way, the exact Effective Permission

      ● Centralized Control of Real Effective Permissions on any managed file system

      ● Centralized Control of granted users access on any manged file system

      ● Out of scope or dangerous ACL identification

      ● Time-shift technology to go back to any ACL and previous version of a file

      ● Monitoring all activities and changes to files and folders

      ● "User Eyes" File and Folder Explorer based on our intuitive tree interface

      ● Complete Traceability of unused files

With the eyes of the user

Browse through the file system as if you were the user without accessing the content of the files. With Data Rover™ TreeView you can wear the “ user goggles”, and see what they see.

Now you can intuitively validate the Effective Permissions of your users and groups

Data Governance, Compliance and Risk Management with Data Rover™

Data Rover™  get detailed informations about your business data, details that you business can use to:

     ● Establish your own data management rules

     ● Establish and implement data integrity checks

     ● Implement integrity and data security rules (GDPR, SOx, HIPAA, FDA/EMA, GAMP, ...)

     ● Identify and quantify / qualify the risks related to data *

     ● Develop and implement actions to eliminate such risks *

* important for the requirements of ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 Risk Management standards

How to evaluate Data Rover™

Evaluate how  Data Rover™ can answer to your needs and get all the informations you need is simple and quick: 

1. download the official brochure in english Download

2. request a presentation complete with an online demo or an on-site demo Request

3. run a Proof-of-Concept  with local  Data Rover™ Request

How to integrate Data Rover™

Data Rover™ has been built entirely with the latest generation technologies and supports the extended integration of any infrastructure or functional system

For every need, you can involve one of our analysts, who does work directly with the Product Development Team

Why choose Massimi Sistemi?

Three good reasons to trust our staff:

1. because we are specialized in regulated sectors (pharmaceutical, oil, biotech, alimentary, hospital and aerospace engineering), we provide all the documentation and advice to support each step of evaluation, implementation and qualification of Data Rover™;

2. because Massimi Sistemi technical staff is certified at the highest level of Data Rover™

( we are the only Global Technology Master & Auditor partner);

3. because Massimi Sistemi is the only company in the world authorized to perform

third-level official technical assistance to  Data Rover™.


* The Proof-of-Concept it’s a temporary but fully functional installation with the purpose of evaluating the benefits of the product on the field. The PoC includes a custom configuration service and support for evaluation and production of related material (reports, internal presentations, etc.). The installation can then be converted to "production" without further need for technical intervention.

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