Company Integrated Management in the Cloud

We help companies to gain competitiveness and increase their gains,
find out how:

Manage Invoices and profits easily and online, anywhere and anytime

CRM and Sales coordination: convert every contact to a potential customer

The world is fast: Manage ALL the company anywhere, even by Smartphone and Tablet

Your company and your products on the Web, including E-Commerce!

Increase the gain margin by optimizing the passive cycle

People makes the difference: use the best tools to handle them

Streamlining your warehouse management is possible, it's easier than you think!

Your business is unique, we dress it with custom modules

The strong points of your new solution:

  • Reduced set-up time, and no technical expertise required: just provide the work materials (logos, images, descriptions) and let MAASI do all the rest

  • Over 500 functions made  simple and immediate

  • Activate individual modules at any time, depending on your business needs

  • No software needed on your PC, just a regular, updated browser

  • No server  and backup required, or additional support and maintenance costs: we do it all, 365 days a year

  • Enterprise-class evolving features made available to everyone, such as sales reports, agents and commissions management, procurement scheduling, automated warehousing management, etc

  • Android APP  for sales force management and for many other business functions!

  • Full customization with logo and domain nameo (eg:, even for e-commerce!

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