Analysis of IT Infrastructures

Identify and mitigate risks, consolidate systems and vendors, generate savings and optimize operations

Thanks to MAASI we have reduced IT spending by over 2 million euros per year.
Simply amazing.

-- Maurizio G., CIO

In a few weeks we analyze the IT infrastructure by identifying immediate and in the near future risks; We highlight the possibilities of money saving in both structural and operational procedures; we support infrastructure and application consolidation and renewal.

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For who is it?

CTO, CIO, CEO di Enterprises (>5.000 addetti, >2 Countries), Medie (50-250 addetti) e Grandi Imprese (> 250 addetti)

What problems does it solve, and how?

Disomogeneity, obsolescence, complexity, inadequacy, slowness of technological infrastructures.

Starting from the analysis document we produced, it will be possible to launch revamps / refresh, upgrade, performance tuning, migration or consolidation / cost-saving programs for business technology infrastructures

What are it's strong points?

On-site visit of Senior / Guru skilled staff, Agile approach, execution within a few days, availability of results and remediation proposals within 2-3 weeks, scouting and research performed simultaneously by a team of 3-5 specialists (CompetenceCloud)

How to get it?

By booking a telephone interview (about 30’) MAASI will formalize the offer and will be able to confirm rhe on-site visit when completing the order (Zona A 1-2 settimane, Zone B e C 2-6 settimane).

The analysis document will be formalized and provided to the Customer  within a maximum of 4 weeks  from the on-site visit

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