Training and certifications

Courses and tutoring on-site and off-site. All-level certifications. CompetenceCloud-Championship™

The CompetenceCloud™ methodology stands out for some key elements not present in the alternatives that IT support market provides, namely:

  • a simple and robus method of problem analysis (Triage) that allow to address the activity to the most suggested Team in less than 3 minutes

  • Team-oriented execution, complementing skills and seniorities so to reach
    more effectively the objectives defined in Triage phase

  • Continuos management of technicals and complementary skills of the Team
    (not only made by technicians);

  • Continuos training and professional growth of staff

  • Support and analysis activities are done remotely, resulting in lower management costs.

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Who is it for?

CTO, CIO di Enterprises (>5.000 addetti, >2 Countries), Grandi Imprese (> 250 addetti) e Outsourcers IT

What problems does it solve, and how?

High IT management costs and inefficiencies, high response times and incident management, poor proactivity and ongoing emergency management, overly subdivided technical teams.

CompetenceCloud ™ methodology for IT certification, is released following extensive training and periodic audit of operational results, to which the certification itself is bound. Success is measured based on the levels of efficiency achieved by the IT department and the satisfaction level of direct "Customers".

What are the strong points?

Optimizing human and technological resources using agile and innovative methodology, increasing teamwork attitude, improving staff satisfaction, continuous training and rapid on-boarding for new personnel, sharing of experience and valorisation of staff skills.

How to obtain it?

Contact us to book a telephone interview (about 30’) and schedule for a on-site visit (Zone A 1-2 weeks, Zone B and C 2-5 weeks) during which MAASI will propose an ad-hoc listing.

Certification will only be issued at the end of a verification on the actual preparation of the management and personnel.

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