The medium-sized business is ready to handle IT infrastructure risk?

An analysis of statistical data from 2011 to 2015 shows worrying results, summed up by the CompetenceCloud ™ ICT Check-up team in a valuable infographic updated in June 2015.

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Attesting IT risks and identifying hidden opportunities

The ICT company check up is a multilevel analysis service (assets, processes, people, partners, strategies) of the medium-sized company with the purpose of:

  • Informing Ownership and Administration about the state of use of ICT technologies in your company, not only in terms of market standards but also in an "ideal" profile for the specific production sector;

  • Identifying and quantifying the risks associated with ICT technologies used or not used in the Company, highlighting potential damages in the event of unfavorable situations;

  • Develop different remediation options by proposing and quantifying any possible solutions, so as to reduce the likelihood of occurrence of unfavorable events and / or the extent of the damage that may be inflicted by them, and to exploit any potential gains in productive efficiency in order to increase the margins.

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of non-ICT elements, the basic features of the Enterprise, by submitting a questionnaire already on the first day.


On-site of the entire Company, carried out by a highly qualified person (ICT Architect or Senior Analyst) with CompetenceCloud ™ Remote Support


of the personnel involved, following a plan agreed beforehand and by telephone, to avoid disturbing the productive activities


Of the ICT Risk certificate and the "VERIFIED BUSINESS" badge (self-adhesive certificate, website logo and access to the restricted area)

Protected Inventory

of server systems and network devices, and configuration surveys through controlled and encrypted remote access   


On site of the summary document and the results obtained, the risks detected and potential identified opportunities


of any criticalities that have been identified and then brought to the key figures identified in the Company to ensure the existence of identified risks


and final analysis of all the elements collected by a Team of Analysts, System Engineers and Computer Security Specialists in our Competence Center



with the task of conducting the analysis services, the MAASI Group is contractually bound to confidentiality through a non-disclosure agreement of ten years

High Qualification

of the employees:
exclusively within the MAASI Group,
endowed with the best techniques,
CompetenceCloud™ certified

Free Re-check

and update of the ICT Risk Assessment included in the risk solution proposal or opportunities detected with checkup


Enter your references and you will be contacted within 1 business day, a consultant will be at your disposal for free.

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Our pride? Your success

5 Fortune 500 Customers and no one lost, ever.

Thanks to the adoption of CompetenceCloud, we have reduced IT spending by over 2 million euros per year.
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Maurice G., CIO

Thanks to MAASI and the yIMS method we removed our old applications and modernized the enterprise in just 4 months. Now our processes are more smooth and fast and our customers satisified

Antonio S., Chief Executive Officer