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Ideas that have great results are always simple ones.

Lev Tolstoj

The CompetenceCloud™ method is built to avoid time waste and the typical continuos escalations of IT management process. How? In a  simple and effective way: by always satisfying all law requirements and qualitiy assurance, our methodology drive our teams in assigning activities and problems to sub-groups, based on the competences of the poeple who are part of it

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IT Infrastructure are costly, complex and out of control?

We identify and help to mitigate the risks, consolidate the systems and vendors, saving money. We also optimize and support the operations.

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Overloaded IT departments slow down your business?

Advisory. IT Strategy. IT Project Management.
Coordination and operation management

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IT innovation is limited by heavy and slow processes and methods?

We bring you the Super-Agile CompetenceCloud™ methodology in your business. Courses, Tutoring on-site and off-site and certification. CompetenceCloud-Championship™.
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Working together brings the best results!

By using the Live Skills Map™ problems are assigned to dynamic teams which are formed by the most skilled specialists, who are working in teams to avoid giving the problem to manage to only a single person

In this way, the team grows up in a fast and efficient way

Thanks to CompetenceCloud™, ICT departments can improve and evolve their business processes

CompetenceCloud™ it's the new platform of service delivery, specifically deisgned to manage the IT infrastructure. CompetenceCloud stack is mainly centered in resolving the problem in the best and fastest way

CompetenceCloud™ act exactly like a "super borg consultant" interconnected with a team of experts with complementary knowledge: an entire team at your service!

Thanks to CompetenceCloud™, your team can focalize on applications and forget about the IT infrastructure!

The subscription to the CompetenceCloud™ support allow IT departments to completely forget about maintenance operations and infrastructure management, so they can discover again their primary role of business innovators!

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