Who we are


We are a commercial and financial alliance composed of 5 european enterprises and we joined together with the common scope of developing innovating, reliable, value-added and long lasting technology solutions aimed to develop and grow our Customers business

We are present in Italy, Spain and United Kingdom while we operate in the global market.

Il nostro Team

technology, enabled!

We are expert in IT risk Management and we offer software, external consulting and IT services of excellence for medium and big industrial companies

The companies

Massimi Sistemi

Massimi Sistemi was founded in 2008 by three IT consultants with the intent to allow their clients to gain the most advantage from an effective enterprise risk management politic through  technology and innovation.
Since 2011 it got it’s development business unit and start to invest on a evolute and modern applicative platform

Also the enterprise
continually invest in formation, research and development with the objective in mind to select for his Business Partner the  best technologies, offer the most efficient and prepared consultants  and to implement the best software solutions to enhance productivity and reduce the risks.

Today Massimi Sistemi operate in the wholeEurope tirelessly supporting his clients, with a particular propension for Pharmaceutical, Aerospace Engineering, Oil, and Hospital sectors.

maasi media

maasi media was founded in 2010 as an hub for scientific publications and digital marketing service provider. Since 2014 it publish the most read Astronomy magazine in Italy (www.coelum.com) and in 2015 create a low-cost digital signage platform (www.smarttotem.com).

Maasi media offer positioning and optimization services for business portals, social media marketing, scientific revision and enditorial services for third parties

Enterprise Technology Software

Enterprise Technology Software it's a VAD based in Turin founded in 1997, specialized in solutions for network administration, monitoring, storage management, data security and outsourcing services.

ETG provides network administrators with solutions and know-how to manage virtual and physical ambients, granting high security standards and performance to corporate user

ETG distributes, offer solutions and support also through his partners spread across the territory, or through the partners of the final user: VAR, system integrators and IT Professionals

Who are our clients

The 3 MAASI Group Business Unit target these three different segment:

  • Enterprises  - with a strong specialization in regulated industries (Pharmaceutical, chemical, oil&gas, engineering, banking, finance)
  • Medium-sized business - to bring solutions and high technological products, fully compatible with the available budget
  • Consumer - with scientifical and technological press products

Our strength points and our references

Maasi Group, thanks to his lightweight structure, is able to meet the needs of various business classes. A strong specialization has grown in regulated industrial sectors, where acting following a rigid regime of rules regarding quality assurance and regulatory compliance, it’s vital for the Partner
Our references are global enterprises with over 100.000 employees in the world, in Pharmaceutical, automotive and industrial sectors; but also Italian small and medium sized business where we brought our solution and supported step-by-step not only as IT consultants but as our Partners

The future

Our future? Always by your side.