who we are

We are an international commercial and financial Alliance composed of multiple european enterprises. Our common mission is to develop and distribute highly valuable, innovating and reliable IT and OT solutions.

Our offices are located all across Europe. We operate globally.

Il nostro Team

our Brands

We solve problems!

Our global team is structured to provide innovating and effective highly-specialised IT/OT consultancy and services. We serve complex industrial Enterprises, Multinationals and highly regulated industries.

Corporate communication made easy

The modular business communication software solution for B2B and B2C applications: simplified Digital Signage together with low-cost Feedback Collection and Customer Satisfaction assessment.

Enterprise Data Risk management

The most evoluted Data Risk Management structured solution for your Business. Access rights analysis with data leak prevention and audit trail features for File Servers and NAS together with user data control and advanced reporting.

Software Factory

One framework, one methodology, one programming philosophy. Our yIMS™ division can develop high-end software solutions for all your business needs. We both develop custom software solutions and existing systems integration software, optimising your business processes and making the whole IT applications smoothly effective.

System Integration and IT/OT Architecture

We design and implement quality-driven IT and OT high-end solutions for Enterprises from complex and regulated industries. 
We are expert in pharmaceutical, oil&gas, aerospace and automotive industries.

Innovative and competitive software

We seek for and bring to the market innovating and nieche software tecnologies with high growth factor. 

MAASI Fulfilment means continuity, innovation and best purchase conditions.
We operate across all Europe and Middle-Eeast.

our Customers

MAASI Enterprises offers services and solutions to the following Customer segments:

  • Large Enterprises  - with a strong specialization in regulated industries (Pharmaceutical, chemical, oil&gas, engineering, banking, finance)
  • Medium-sized business - to bring solutions and high technological products, fully compatible with the available budget

Our strength points and our references

MAASI Enterprises can provide agile services to its multiple type of Clients. We are highly specialised in complex enterprises and regulated industries.
Our references are global enterprises with over 100.000 employees in the world, in Pharmaceutical, automotive and industrial sectors; but also Italian small and medium sized business where we brought our solution and supported step-by-step not only as IT consultants but as our Partners

technology, enabled!

We are expert in high-end solutions for all industries. We deliver software, consultancy and IT/OT excellence services.