A big step for our reality

With the acquisition of ETG Software, MAASI group evolves and becomes MAASI Enterprises

Gaia Mattichi

We are pleased to announce the entry of ETG Software into the MAASI Enterprises group.

ETG Software (formerly Enterprise International) has over 20 years experience in selecting and selling corporate software technologies and solutions. For some years now, ETG Software and MAASI have embarked on a path of collaboration, integrating their offers for the benefit of their respective Business Partners.
Today, ETG tightens its synergistic relationship with MAASI Enterprises, becoming part of Massimi Sistemi, a company of the MAASI Enterprises group specializing in structured technological solutions and highly qualified IT and OT services.
This merger will allow us to support the technological growth of our Business Partners more effectively and to respond proactively to their technical needs.

We welcome our partners in the world of MAASI Enterprises:

Oltre vent'anni di esperienza e passione per la tecnologia.

Customized and managed IT / OT solutions for structured companies.

The innovative data risk management suite for the analysis, monitoring and control of company data.

Excellence IT / OT services in Service-as-a-Product mode.
The simple and intuitive platform for the distribution of audio / video content.

The secure and structured platform for the collection and analysis of user satisfaction. 

The digital signage platform for large companies and for providers of communication and marketing services.