Pharma 4.0 Europe Conference 2017

Massimi Sistemi sponsors the ISPE Europe event dedicated to the "Industry 4.0" topic for Pharmaceutical Enterprises.

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from Industry 4.0 to Parma 4.0

Event Sponsor: Massimi Sistemi

Everybody in the process industry is currently addressing the industry 4.0 topic. The question is whether all ideas and principles of this new industry paradigm be applicable in the pharmaceutical industry too.

Pharma is highly regulated and has a lot of functioning but antiquated designed products, requiring conventional processes for their manufacturing. What added value will automation bring to the current situation? What opportunities will the end-to-end integrated system of all computerised systems, vertically and horizontally, add to agility, flexibility, productivity and cost of our pharmaceutical operations?

ISPE in Europe has founded a new Special Interest Group (SIG): “From Industry 4.0 to Pharma 4.0“. The Pharma 4.0 SIG initiated discussions around the concerns that the automation factors are causing in production. It is a complex pharma challenge and the goal is to specify Pharma 4.0 and to differentiate it from the common “Industry 4.0“ concept, with the focus on maturity level models integrated into the programme.

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Why Attend:

  • Gain insight in a new world of pharmaceutical manufacturing

  • Learn how to apply a holistic view on manufacturing strategies of the future

  • Get a feeling about readiness qualifiers for industry

  • Have dialogues with the peer groups and with senior industry leaders on this hot topic

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Villa Quaranta Park Hotel
Via Ospedaletto, 57, 37026 
Ospedaletto, Pescantina Verona, Italy
+39 045 676 7300

A number of rooms is reserved for participants at the Villa Quaranta Park Hotel (Main Conference Hotel) by ISPE. To book the Villa Quaranta Park Hotel at the negotiated rate, please visit the ISPE registration page. Kindly note that reservations via phone cannot be accepted. The rate is available upon availability until 23 October 2017.

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